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Jose Fuseli

Wed Jun 05 2013 02:04:42 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

This movie was made in Poland, Karpacz, at the 4th Round of the DMP Drifting Championship organised by the Polish Drift Federation. The event was held on mountain roads, more specifically know as Touge, and the level of drifting was absolutely astonishing! Almost backwards entries, high speeds, wall rubbing, neck and neck action that is going to make you start saving up for travelling to this event next year!
1st Place: Pawel Trela - Nissan S13.5 2JZ (~550HP)
2nd Place: Jakub Przygonski - Toyota Corolla AE86 4G63(~450HP)
3rd Place: Dawid Karkosik - Nissan Silvia S15 RB25DET (~550HP)