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Bill Bend

Thu Sep 12 2013 01:48:34 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Killer shot from autoevolution...

You can say that, at 560 + 1 hp, this is the world’s most powerful BMW M5, as no tuner has gotten its hands wrenches computers on the car yet. Or you could tell the world that BMW has taken the M5 where the horses run.

No, there’s actually now way of offering an explanation for these BMW M5 press photos, which show the Power War Fighter next to a... prancing horse, complete with a rider. Wait, wait, here's another one: we are now dealing with the world’s first M hybrid, a vehicle that is fueled by unleaded petrol and hay. We're wondering what an ECU remap would include....

PS: There's probably a good tradition-related explanation for this, but we don't care.

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