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Tue Jun 24 2014 16:33:21 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Dean Jeffries pictured with his creation the famous Monkeemobile.

"Dean Jeffries built the Monkeemobile, back in 1966. Jeffries was given two Pontiac GTO convertibles to use for the project, as Pontiac felt an association with the Monkees TV show would be great publicity. Two cars were built, one for the show, one for promotions.

After the show ended, Jeffries declined to purchase the cars back for a grand each (he figured he could rebuild them cheaper). The TV show car was left in Australia after a tour, and somehow ended up as a courtesy car at a Puerto Rican hotel, reappearing at auction in 1992. Nobody knows how it got halfway around the world to end up in Puerto Rico; I'm sure there's a good story there.

George Barris purchased and restored the second Monkeemobile, and showed it at many events, eventually selling it in 2008 for $360,000 to a private collector. Barris' company has also built replicas of the Monkeemobile, but that is the extent of Barris' involvement, although that hasn't stopped him from taking total credit for the car."

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