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Canned Heat

Tue Jul 09 2013 15:12:13 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Ad for the 1963-1/2 Ford Falcon Sprint and Fairlane Sport Coupe, photographed in Monaco.

The cars shown in this ad were among those shipped to Monaco for Ford's big mid-year Command Performance Event. Several Falcons actually participated in the annual Monte Carlo Rally on January 19th, but were besieged with problems. One ran off the icy road, but was returned to the race when a support team was able to determine it wasn't severely damaged. Later, it was disqualified due to missing a check point on time. Another suffered a tire blowout and a clutch failure, costly in time to repair.

As a result of these set backs, one Falcon finished 43rd overall and the other finished 35th overall, good enough for first in its class.

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