Eric Killorin

Fri Jul 19 2013 13:58:39 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

I'm new to Peter Bourassa's excellent MotorSports Marketing Resources and, wow, am I impressed. Not only personal blog posts of insight and depth, but a great photo gallery to boot. Here's a recent excerpt about a new memoir on James Dean "Jimmy & Me."

Lew Bracker is a first-time author who swore he would never write about what he now writes about—his friendship with James Dean, the talented young American actor and Porsche enthusiast who starred in three movies, raced in three races and died on a California highway driving his new Porsche 550 on the way to run another race. Lew Bracker had met the rising young star through his cousin’s husband, Leonard Rosenman, who wrote the scores for the first two Dean movies. Covering the last 16 months of James Dean’s life, Jimmy & Me: A Personal Memoir of James Dean is a moving story of two young men with a mutual respect for cars and each other. The direct simplicity and honesty in the telling of this developing friendship and its tragic interruption is a sincerely moving story.
From the July 8, 2013 Issue of Autoweek
By Denise McCluggage

Todd Lemire

Fri Jul 19 2013 16:09:08 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

I gotta get this book, can you tell me ordering info??

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