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Fri Nov 08 2013 00:22:46 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Cream puff 1954 Nash on eBay now at $13,600 and ten bids.

954 Nash Rambler Airflyte Rambler bodied by Farina. Time Capsule. VIN D174672. Miles 47,553

Introduced in 1950, the Nash Rambler was designed to be much smaller than other contemporary vehicles, while still able to accommodate five passengers easily and comfortably. Produced by the Nash Motors division of Nash-Kelvinator Corporation for six years only, the Rambler was responsible for establishing a new segment in the automotive market. Widely considered to be the original modern American compact vehicle, the Nash Rambler was orginally going to be called the Nash Diplomat. Dodge had already reserved the Diplomat name for a two-door hardtop body style, so the Rambler name was resurrected instead.

The Rambler was compact, and the design had a rounded form with an envelop body that enclosed the front wheels. Fortunately thedesign did not impair the vehicles cornering abilities. The Nash Rambler kept the fixed roof structure above the vehicles doors and rear side window frames unlike the traditional convertible of that time period that used frame-free windows. The retractable canvas top used this metal structure as the side rails or guides. The body of the vehicle was considered to be rigid for an open top vehicle, though this design did allow Nash to use its monocque unibody construction on its new compact.

This Nash is virtually all-original, although nicely repainted at some point. It has an great original in-line six Nash motor with Dual-Range Hydra-Matic transmission that evidences no issues. It is a bigger attraction than virtually any car of its vintage—women especially like its Italian designer cute lines. The Nash is very economical to drive because it gets over 22 mpg average and over 25 mpg on the highway. The seats are under accessory seat-covers which are right for the period. It has very nice wide white wall tires. Manuals and spare/tools are in the trunk. This car was a background car in the movie “The Temptations” and photo documentation is included with the car.

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Fri Nov 08 2013 00:25:56 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

32 Ford with euro body estimated to sell between $350-500,000 at auction. Yikes. Here's the scoop from auction company RM:

European styling influencing American design. Formerly owned by Sergio Franchi and beautifully restored to exacting original condition
Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Best in Class winner

Americans have always looked to Europe for design and artistic brilliance. Even in the 1930s, when the United States’ own coachbuilders and design studios were turning out sleek objects of desire, those same designers would travel overseas to absorb that certain, unmistakable élan. Italian designs, in particular, were light, sporting, and spirited, with a feisty personality all their own. That has never been more true than with the lines created by the Farina family in Turin, particularly Battista “Pinin” Farina.

Farina began at his brother’s shop, Stabilimenti Farina, but broke off on his own in 1928. “Pinin,” the youngest of the family, soon built himself a stature that defied his years, beginning with a Lancia shown in 1930 and continuing with a one-off Cadillac V-16 for an Indian maharajah. By 1932, four years after its founding and two years after its first body was beaten into shape, Pinin Farina had already achieved such fame that it was being noticed across the Atlantic.

The car offered here is believed to be the only Classic Era Ford built with custom coachwork by Pinin Farina. As the story is told, Ford Motor Company commissioned this car from the Italian coachbuilder as a styling study when they were considering options for the production 1933 Fords. Beautifully crafted on the iconic and American-built 1932 Ford Model 18 chassis, its design shows the influence of Pinin Farina’s earlier Lancias, with a sweeping beltline and smartly tailored roof, yet it also clearly mimics the production Ford bodies from Dearborn. It is clear to the casual observer that Pinin Farina wanted to see its styling carried out by the River Rouge. While that was fated not to happen, it would have been a beautiful thing.

Some five decades later, photographs of a unique Ford in Turin landed on the desk of a prominent American enthusiast. As he recently recalled, several years passed before he next heard of the car, by which time it had been acquired by Sergio Franchi. Franchi was one of the most famous enthusiasts of his era, as he was a passionate collector whose hobby became a well-known part of his public persona. At the time, he resided on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, and the gems of his collection, the Ford among them, were stored in the garage beneath his building. It was here that the American enthusiast finally came face-to-face with the Pinin Farina Ford, and he was able to acquire it for his own collection.

At the time, the Ford was in magnificently preserved, original condition, as photographs included in the file attest. It remained a part of his collection for some two decades before the consignor, a longtime friend, requested to purchase the car, with the hope of restoring it for an upcoming class of custom-bodied Fords at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in 2003. Knowing that his friend would do the beautiful Ford justice, the enthusiast owner parted with the car, and it was beautifully restored.

The work performed on this Ford is particularly outstanding. The restorer confirmed the car’s excellent original condition upon its arrival at his shop; almost all the hardware throughout is original and restored, as are all of the body panels. What could not be repaired was expertly crafted, using original parts as patterns and photographs of similar Pinin Farina coachwork on other chassis. The body was beautifully finished in a rich, dark green, with matching leather in a simple flat design over the chrome-framed individual front and rear bench seats. Overseeing all is a tan fabric top. The wire wheels are finished in a lighter green and shod in blackwall tires, which are both period-correct and a nod to this Ford’s distinctive European origins. These are the same colors and equipment that the car was fitted with originally.

The result of such glamour was that this car was, once again, the hit of the show. It was shown, as intended, in the Custom-Bodied Ford V-8 Class at Pebble Beach in 2003, and it won Best of Class, an astounding achievement. It was also shown in Antique Automobile Club of America competition, and in addition to achieving Grand National status, it was nominated for a National Award in the 2003 season. Later, it was displayed in 2008 and 2009 within the halls of the AACA Museum at Hershey, Pennsylvania. The result is an unparalleled level of achievement for a V-8 Ford, yet the car is also welcome to be shown at a variety of concours at which it has not yet appeared, and at which it will certainly continue to be a contender for major awards.

European design has always moved the world. In 1932, it even inspired the world’s foremost automaker. This car is that inspiration, presented with all the power that it had over eighty years ago.

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Tue Oct 15 2013 18:43:30 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Bidding now at $69,000 on eBay. Here's the seller's description:

1958 Mercedes 190 SL Roadster: Solid Arizona car; factory-original floor metal; numbers-matching engine and transmission; fully restored. All work recently performed: new base/clear paint in the factory color, new leather interior, new Coker factory reproduction tires, new canvas top, new exhaust -new new new - too much to list. This fine early Mercedes SL was stored in a Scottsdale, Arizona, garage for several decades, and not driven since the 1980's. We purchased the car last year and proceeded with a full restoration: The entire car was dismantled and the undercarriage was dry-ice blasted before work began; all panels were hand-dollied and hand-blocked prior to painting; every panel was wet-sanded and polished prior to reassembly; and all body rubbers and seals were replaced new upon reassembly. The entire interior is likewise brand-new, all mechanical systems were refurbished where needed, no expense spared. This car shows and drives superb, a beautiful restored driver that will retain its value, and draw appreciation wherever it goes. This is not an older restoration with chipped paint, aged rubbers, and worn leather - this work is all brand-new with no signs of wear.

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Sat Oct 05 2013 02:32:07 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Why does this 1972 Porsche 914 have only 34,000 miles? Because no one with an ounce of car sense would be caught dead driving this wannabe Porsche shit box.

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Fri Aug 23 2013 19:06:36 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

$170,000 for a Jaguar XK-E coupe. Are you dreaming??
According to the eBay seller: "The car has been subject for a complete nut-and-bolt restoration/bare metal respray in 2010-2013 with comprehensive photo documentation.

The actual car that has been used in advertisement for famous pop star Justin Bieber:

Engine/gear box rebuilt by Hutson/UK (full documentation). New electrical system/wires/lights/indicators, complete interior, chrome, Dayton wheels, brake system, radiator/fan, suspension, fuel system and tank, stainless steel big bore manifold/exhaust system, floors, bearings/bushes, Motolita steering wheel and much more. All parts that has not been replaced has been refurbished.

Upgrades: Aluminum high performance radiator, Kenlowe fan, 4 pot brake calibers, GAZ adjustable shocks, high torque starter, upgraded steering rack, front reaction plate for adjustable ride height, 1-2-3 Electronic ignition, uprated alternator, big bore manifold/exhaust system, SU air intakes, seats lowered to accommodate persons up to 192cm.

All upgrades are bolt-on and can easily be replaced with original parts if desired.

The car is in better-than-new condition. It drives extremely well and is very reliable and useable due to the many valuable upgrades. Clear wax for protection against corrosion has been applied to internal/hidden panels. Too much work has been done to list here so please mail for all details."

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Mon Aug 26 2013 14:29:54 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

007 Lotus Esprit 'Submarine Car' to be auctioned in London, Monday, September 9, 2013 without reserve £650,000 - £950,000

Used in the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. The one and only fully functional Submarine Car. One of the most famous movie cars of all time. Amazing story of lost and found. Never before offered for sale.

The 007 Lotus Esprit Submarine Car from The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) commonly tops the polls when multiple generations of movie fans are asked to pick their favourite film cars of all time. Like all the best Bond cars, the Lotus was a veritable war chest of weaponry and gadgetry that was designed to fox and foil the enemy whilst also helping Bond to another hard-won victory for Queen and country.

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Mon Jul 29 2013 14:39:45 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

1960 London rail strike.

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Fri Aug 10 2012 14:28:28 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

In 1959 the 400 Superamerica prototype was unveiled at the Turin Auto Salon. The Superamerica’s featured a Colombo V12 that rated at 340 hp, with a 4 speed with electric overdrive and were equipped with disc brakes, one of the first for Ferrari road cars. After five years in production Ferrari had only 37 coupes in two series (short and long wheelbase). Despite such a limited production run each of the Superamerica’s built were unique; no two where exactly the alike. Built to order the Superamerica’s clientele ranged from Nelson Rockefeller to Aga Khan, Gianni Agnelli to Enzo Ferrari himself and with such a discernible list of admirers the Superamerica aimed to please by providing a wide range of finishing details.

However, the distinguishable variations on these automobiles was not simply due to the finishing touches, but can also be contributed to the fact there were multiple Coachbuilders trying their hand at shaping these automobiles. Boano, Ghia, and Scaglietti produced versions for the 410 Superamerica, 400 Superamerica, and Superfast; Pinin Farina designed the rest. Of the thirty seven 400 Superamerica coupes built within those five years there was only 18 Series II (the long wheel-based model) manufactured before the production stopped in 1964.

On April 13, 1963 this Ferrari 400 Superamerica, Pininfarina Aerodynamico Coupe #4113 SA, was the 22nd built (PF job # 99548) and delivered new in Italy finished in silver with black interior and power windows. It also was one of 4 LWB cars with the clean styling of open headlights. By the early 1965, this Superamerica arrived in the United States and was registered in California painted in a beautiful, crimson red with tan interior. Over the last 29 years the same local owner has cared and maintained this stunning Ferrari. The dedication to its care and maintenance is evident by the recently rebuilt original engine and a recent $12,000 service.

The Superamerica’s low grille opening, open headlights and long, sloping rear deck blended with the double curvature of the windshield and rear window provides it with the muscular appearance that personifies its performance capabilities perfectly. Similar to the Superamerica’s exterior exemplifying its performance characteristics, the inside of the Ferrari 400 Superamerica epitomizes the fact that this automobile is ultra-rare and exudes luxury with its lavish interior and thickly bolstered seats fashioned with sumptuous Italian hides. Any enthusiast that finds him or herself the owner of a Coach built Ferrari 400 Superamerica will immediately find him/herself elevated to a small, privileged group of car collectors.

The 12th Annual Sports and Muscle Monterey Auction event, held August 16-18, 2012, is located at an all new auction venue that remains conveniently located in the heart of downtown, but has moved to the waterfront near Fisherman’s Wharf. The three-evening auction event will offer over 250 of the highest quality, most luxurious and collectable European sports, American muscle, hot rods and custom automobiles suitable to satisfy any automotive desires.

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