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Tony Sanchez

Wed Sep 04 2013 23:34:26 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

OK I have a set of old school rocket racing wheels they are sitting on original premium sport way tires all have a lot of thread left....rims do have some pitting one wheel is pitted more than the others....I have acid bathed all wheels and then after polish them they are 15 footers....spinner center caps not included but I do have the rocket racing cap one has a crack in it ....
I say shipping these might run about 50.00 a wheel....thanks...good luck.....these are unilug ford chevy.....all rims on back side have been cleaned with acid warranty on tires.......I also have these listed on other websites for sale and if they sell I will take it down from eBay if not they will go.......please give me time to wrap them up and ship out....enjoy your day....

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