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Yet another Hyundai has been customized in preparation for the Zombie Apocalypse, as The Walking Dead-Hyundai Zombie Survival Machine (ZSM for short) has been unveiled at the Future US booth for this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Though the automaker previously built an Elantra Coupe for mowing down zombies, this year’s vehicle of choice is a custom Hyundai Veloster — which looks like a mobile bunker designed to keep out the undead hordes.
Show Floor Update: The design previewed in the sketch appears to have transferred well onto the Veloster’s real-life sheetmetal, which was modified by Galpin Auto Sports. The dual fender-mounted guns have been moved to the hood, and now resemble real weapons as opposed to the futuristic-looking plasma rifles in the concept drawing. The interior appears mostly stock, though it looks like you can access the rooftop hatch from inside the car. Visibility through the windshield grates isn’t as bad as it looks in the sketch. Overall, the car is well put together and looks ready to take on a herd of Walkers.
2013 Hyundai Veloster Walking Dead ZSM front three quarter 300x199 imageThe ZSM began life as a standard 2013 Hyundai Veloster, but things apparently snowballed quickly once the world ended, leaving survivors no choice but to outfit the three-door hatchback with dual quick-change front bumper chainsaws, a mounted double-barrel shotgun, a door-mounted flame thrower, and other improvised weaponry. In addition to those armaments, the ZSM packs a roof-mounted .50-caliber machine gun and more guns affixed to the fenders.
For looks, the ZSM is finished in a textured “Vitamin C” orange, and gets a sawtoothed front grille, hood scoop, forged wheels, and an off-road-style rear bumper. Modifications that might help thwart brain-hungry zombies attempting to enter the Veloster include a glasshouse framed by armor (or fully covered, as is the case with the windshield), wrought iron bars and barbed wire across the windows, and sandbags strapped to the hood. Driving this Zombie-fighting compact may require seeing out of the hatch on top, as front visibility is obstructed, to say the least.
2013 Hyundai Veloster Walking Dead ZSM rear nailbat 300x199 imageIf close-quarters combat is called for, as it routinely is on The Walking Dead TV show, the rear of the ZSM has a number of melee weapons available. A baseball bat with spikes can be found mounted to the trunk, along with a Samurai sword and knife blades deployed from the rear bumper. Inside, the floor has been sprayed with a durable LineX-style bed-liner, offering traction when covered in zombie blood. The interior walls are covered with more metal armor, and storage for ammo, first aid kits, and additional weapons can be found throughout the cabin.
Though we can’t say a Veloster would be our first pick in the event of a zombie outbreak, the modifications performed to the ZSM could help you last a bit longer against the undead. But for the next Zombie Survival Machine, we’d like to see some added muscle underhood, so you also have the option of outrunning them.
Source: Hyundai

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