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Carl Chase

Thu Oct 24 2013 12:32:43 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Head gaskets are NOT a place to skimp on quality for the sake of a few bucks. These Mustang pieces from Ford Racing aren't even that expensive.

Carl Chase

Fri Sep 13 2013 14:30:30 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Snap On Roll Cab, EPIQ™, PowerBank™ / PowerTop™, 14 Drawers, 76" Wide, Royal Blue.


•InPulse™ Drawer Action: Flush finish drawers with uncompromising strength are easier to open, easier to close and don't drift open.
•ISO-Ride™ System: 7x2" Swivel lock mag wheels with independent torsion spring suspension for a smooth ride over rough surfaces. Each wheel can hold a ton.
•PowerBank™: Dedicated, secure power tool storage. Built-in power access lets batteries recharge even while bank is locked.
•PowerTop™: Stainless steel work surface with integrated power source for more places to plug in, and a raised edge on all sides to keep parts in place.
•EPIQ™ Strength: Designed for a lifetime of use with more load capacity. The roll cab features a combination of our traditional corner gussets and standing seam construction with additional top, bottom and side support to create Snap-on's strongest roll cab design.
•New styling includes flush fronts and trim to reduce snag points and provides a fresh new look.

EPIQ™ is designed for auto repair in the 21st Century, offering smart features that will help technicians become better organized; resulting in less wasted time and improved productivity. It's a complete productivity system, bringing together sophisticated diagnostics and cordless tools, with reliable security and Snap-on's heritage of rugged durability.

Carl Chase

Mon Apr 08 2013 19:09:15 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Introducing the
SUPER 402 cu. in. FLATHEAD!

Built with modern technology and all new parts to be POWERFUL - RELIABLE - and ORIGINAL LOOKING!

NOSTALGIC APPEARING, Original size and shape, makes this engine a practical, contemporary version of the Popular FORD FLATHEAD. The Super 402 has been improved over the original by using modern parts and materials to make it an excellent performing, reliable power plant for your machine!

The Super 402 Flathead
BLOCK: The Super 404 uses a five main bearing Windsor block with a standard 4” bore and a 4” stroker crank to give 402 c.i. displacement.

DECK PLATE adapter makes the conversion to a Flathead. The 1 ½” plate is cast and CNC machined, attached to the block and has integral ports, valve seats, and guides. The valves run directly on the lifters, just like the original flathead. The over-bored and sleeved block makes a joint-less standard size cylinder. Studs from the deck plate hold the heads down.

CAM SHAFT by Crane, is a custom billet grind to fit the Windsor block, the standard Flathead layout and accommodates the roller lifters.

LIFTERS are OEM Hydraulic roller type to make valve operation quiet and efficient. No adjustment is necessary. Slight modification allows them to contact directly on the large valves.

VALVES and PORTS are much larger than original to supply adequate airflow to the 50 cube cylinders. Intake valves are 2” and exhausts
are 1 5/8”.

HEADS are designed with several objectives. Good water-flow from the Windsor block and a raised combustion chamber to accept pop-up pistons for high compression. The combustion chamber is iron to assure heat is transformed to crankshaft energy. The finned aluminum covers also direct the water to keep the spark plugs cool.

RODS are custom made steel billet to position the high compression pistons correctly in the raised deck cylinders. Cranking compression can be as high as 180 lbs.

INDUCTION timing is computer controlled with a knock sensor to retard spark in the event of detonation. This allows the engine to have a high compression for power and mileage. Distributor is mounted on the front of the engine.

COMPUTER controls fuel injection, ignition, and air fuel ratio. An OEM OBD 1 #7730 computer is reprogrammed to match the needs of the 402 FLATHEAD.

WATER PUMPS sit in shrouded housings, to increase the water flow beyond original when they ran in an open chamber. The water pumps are original truck style with modern seals to allow high pressures and RPM without leaking.

FRONT COVER serves as a timing chain cover, distributor mount and water pump mounts. It directs the water from the pumps to the original Windsor block water inlets.

EXHAUST from the center ports is routed through the valve lifter valley to join the end ports to exit on the sides of the block.

AUTOMATIC OR STANDARD Ford transmissions are easily bolted right up to the 351 Windsor Block to complete the power train assembly.

O.E.M. PARTS are used wherever possible: Block, bearings, pistons and rings, oil pump, crankshaft, timing gears and chain, vibration dampener, flywheel, oil pan and gaskets etc.

FINALLY an original looking, original size and shape engine makes the Super 402 a practical contemporary version of the popular Ford Flathead. It has been improved by using modern parts and materials to make it an excellent performing, reliable power plant for your Hot Rod or Machine.

PRICE is $30,000 for a Dyno-proven 402 Flathead with computer, wiring, pumps and accessories. Just install and go! Add $1,000 for 16 main bolt NASCAR block.

A $12, kit is available that supplies everything that is custom made.

Call for Details: DICK BEITH, RODMOTION, (209) 329-2251

RODMOTION LLC, PO Box 837, Victor, CA 95253
(209) 329-2251

Carl Chase

Thu Mar 07 2013 19:06:22 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

1969 Ford Mustang SHAKER HOOD, 69-70 MUSTANG MACH 1 WITHOUT HOOD PIN HOLES - 3022-200-692

$628.95 - Questions or need help? Call Toll Free (877) 477-3577

Carl Chase

Thu Mar 07 2013 19:08:41 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

1969 Ford Mustang BUMPER, FRONT, CHROME, 69-70 MUSTANG (EXCEPT SHELBY) - 3022-000-69

$124.95 Questions or need help? Call Toll Free (877) 477-3577

Carl Chase

Thu Mar 07 2013 19:11:11 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


$354.95 - (877) 477-3577

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