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Jaguar XK-E A/C conversion. One of the most difficult things to repair on classic cars is the air conditioning system. When this 1969 Jaguar XKE came in for restoration and air conditioning repair, we found it cheaper and easier to replace the entire system with a kit from Retro Air. The old systems just don't stand the test of time, and parts can be very expensive and hard to find. Not to mention the difficulty of finding R12 Freon these days.

Under-dash unit modifications.
This kit from Retro Air is excellent and relatively easy to install. We did have to make a few modifications to get the under-dash unit to fit correctly, but it was no big deal. These kits use R134A Freon just like all modern air conditioning systems found in automobiles. There's no question this is the way to go if you want a reliable, well working air conditioning system in your Jaguar XKE.

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