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Tuner Joe

Thu Feb 13 2014 20:26:20 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

The ultimate fixer-upper. Courtesy of Barn Finds:

There are few cars I dream of owning more than an Aston Martin DB4, so naturally when I saw this barn find that Gulling Motor Cars recently discovered, I knew it had to be featured. It is not listed on their site, but we just received an email with the photos. The asking price is sky high, but it is the kind of barn find that many of us dream of. It is a super rare, ultra valuable and highly desirable sports car that was stashed in an actual barn and forgotten for decades. Aston Martin values keep climbing and unless Gullwing were to move the decimal point a few spots, I guess I will just have to keep dreaming and hoping that I will stumble across one in an old barn myself.

The barn hasn’t been friendly to this Aston, it is covered in dirt and grime. It also has plenty of dents and scratches from barn life. For unexplained reasons, this makes it more interesting to look at. It’s like a train wreck that you want to look away from, but just can’t take your eyes off of. I’m not sure if David Brown would be proud of this sight or enraged that one of his beauties had been left in such conditions. From the little information that Gullwing provided, this was imported from the UK in the ’70s by the previous owner. The 85 year old gentleman claims to have only driven it for a few years and then parked in the barn. Who in their right mind could park something as beautiful as a DB4 and never drive it again? Perhaps there were mechanical issues that lead to its exile to the barn or perhaps the owner simply grew tired of it?

If you have $325k to spend on a car though, it’s doubtful that condition is much of a concern though. Obviously it will take someone with deep pockets to bring this one back to life, but given the desirability there is doubt that there are a few collectors out there who would love to get their hands on it. Whether I will ever get the chance to drive a DB4, I don’t know, but for the time being I will keep dreaming of the day when I can open that aluminum clad door and take a seat behind the wood rimmed steering wheel. Does anyone here share my dream or is there a different car that you lust after?

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