Possibly the wildest Rolls every made! Here's the scoop:

1954 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith Vignale, chassis Number: LCLW14. Only One Built!
This Vignale bodied Silver Wraith Rolls-Royce records show as the only one produced. Built on a long wheelbase chassis Custom ordered by Joseph Maschuch of New York, this long wheel base chassis went to Alfredo Vignale Coachworks in Italy and was finished in spring 1955.
There were many unique special features ordered by Maschuch on this car like; the engine block, head, dynamo, starter, air cleaner, carburetor, and inlet manifold were to be painted green. The rocker cover was to be highly polished. All visible pipes under the hood were to be chrome plated. The front seats were electric operated and the radio was a Becker Mexico.
Under the back seat was a toilet that was mostly used to keep the champagne chilled. It was also equipped with a full bar and a television.

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