Mother Trucker

Sat Feb 01 2014 18:12:33 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Meet chassis #0018M a Ferrari 166MM Panoramica Berlinetta.

Two different Zagato body styles were built on chassis #0018M.

This special Panoramica Berlinetta body that was commissioned in 1948 by Antonio Stagnoli, Italy. Stagnioli raced it with great succes. Two years later the car was returned to Zagato to have it rebuilt with a cigar-shaped Spyder body with cycle fenders. Stagnoli raced the lighter #0018M Zagato Spyder with even greater success afterward.

The Panoramica body is considered to be lost. Chassis #0018M survived and is now in France. The car is currently in a very bad shape, especially the Spyder body, but it is not known if the chassis is being used for the Panoramica reconstruction."

More pics of this custom beauty here:

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