Bullitt Mustang found!

One of the world’s most celebrated movie cars has resurfaced, but in deplorable condition. It’s a sad story, as fans of the 1968 Steve McQueen movie have hunted the remaining Ford fastback for years, all to no avail. It now turns out that the car with chassis number 8R02S125559, was sold in 1987 to a 39-year old man who’d supposedly made his fortune in real estate in and around San Fransisco - not coincidentally the place where the movie was set.

One night, just weeks after the car was sold, the new owner decided it was a good idea to re-enact some of the notorious chase scenes in San Fransisco together with a friend. The duo supposedly trashed the car hard before jumping it at considerable speed in Kansas Street. Here, they went airborn, just like in the movie. However, they landed significantly less lucky. As a matter of fact, the touch-down had such an impact on the Mustang that it virtually broke in half. Although severely damaged the car may have been saved. Unfortunately the new owner, presumably so ashamed about his own stupidity, decided to get rid of the wreck and stored it in a Nevada yard, where it has now been rediscovered. To make matters worse many parts have been sold. The new owner is never the less planning a full restoration.

Eric Killorin

Fri Apr 04 2014 14:49:25 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

This story sounds phony from start to finish...

Thu Apr 17 2014 19:02:20 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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