Eric Killorin

Mon Sep 09 2013 17:52:48 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

That's my baby!
Despite the cold weather, the 2013 Celebration of Automobiles at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was a visual treat. When the sun broke through the clouds shortly after 1 pm, the warmer temperature helped in presenting a good impression.
Indiana-built cars were well represented by Auburn, Cole, Cord, Duesenberg, Marmon, National, and Stutz entries. One that immediately caught my attention was Eric Killorin’s 1923 Dusesenberg Model A touring car. The car was eye-catching and Eric’s story was fascinating. Eric shared how his father came to Indianapolis in 1929 seeking employment at Duesenberg Motors Corporation. There were no skilled trades jobs immediately available, so, his father started as a floor sweeper and worked his up to working in final assembly in 1929 and 1930. This Duesenberg has been in the family since 1948. His father’s Duesenberg coveralls rested proudly on the car’s tonneau cover.

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