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Old barns aren't the only places that vintage cars can hide. Lake Superior's cold clear waters have done a superb job of preserving Isle Royale's ten major shipwrecks.

More underwater car photos:

In the area? Go diving with Superior Trips LLC and see this for yourself:


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Traveling Comfort for the Dog (Dec, 1932)

Quoted ad text ( hilarious):

"ANYONE who has ever attempted a long motor trip on which a large dog was taken along will appreciate the “Bird-dog’s Palace,” recently placed on the market.

Made of sheet steel, insulated inside so that the animal will not come in contact with the metal, the “Palace” is so constructed that it may easily be clamped to the running board without marring the finish of the car. The barred door slides upward, permitting the dogs to be released without the driver having to leave his seat. An oil-cloth cover may be unrolled and buttoned into place if the weather is bad or the road dusty. The “Palace” is made in several sizes to accommodate all kinds of dogs."

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"I can't come out yet, Dear; I'm washing the baby."

1928 Cartoon published by PUNCH magazine.

Image credit:


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VP Joe Biden even does his own detailing.


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Drive a piece of American history: Twin car to the limousine in which JFK was shot expected to fetch $150,000 at auction

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