Chrisso Rheault

Sat Jan 25 2014 01:32:59 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

The Toyota 2000 GT from 'You Only Live Twice'

Chrisso Rheault

Sat Jan 25 2014 01:35:39 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

An advanced two-seater sports coupe, the 2000 GT was powered by a dual overhead camshaft straight six engine with a displacement of two-litres. Boasting 150bhp and a five-speed gearbox, it could hit nearly 140mph and sprint from 0-60 in under nine seconds. Three Solex carburettors were fitted along with Dunlop disc brakes and a limited slip differential, the suspension having been independent all-round. In early 1966, Broccoli called Toyota with the offer of an appearance in You Only Live Twice, but their were a number of problems. Connery's 6ft 2" frame meant it was impossible for him to fit comfortably in the coupe and with the production company planning several scenes from inside the vehicle, a solution had to be found. As it turned out, the only way a 2000 GT was going to make it into the movie was if an open-top version could be manufactured. At the time, only a couple of Coupe prototypes had been built and production wouldn't begin until May 1967. Toyota were still very enthusiastic though and despite having never considered a Roadster, managed to complete the order for a pair of cars within two frantic weeks. They were beautifully converted at Toyota's special Toyopet Service Centre in Tsunashima, everything in front of the windscreen remaining practically unchanged.

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