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Tue Jan 27 2015 20:50:34 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Here Is a 1974 BMW 2002 tii
I bought this car a few years ago with intention to keep car was sent to body shop all moldings where taken out along with bumpers lights and glasses
the vehicle was painted then stayed at body shop for over 3 years due to my health issue once i was better i picked up the car and started working on it again
everything around engine was taken off , new gaskets water pump belts hoses radiator was redone and so was the gas tank and brake booster , new fuel distributor belt, thermostat water pump ,everything was sand blasted and painted and installed back on the car
Front and rear suspension where dropped cleaned up and replaced the necessary bushings and painted and installed back flex drive was replaced with new one .
all door s front windshield rear windshield gaskets where replaced with new ones .
windshield chrome strips where replaced .headlight frames where taken off cleaned out and painted and installed
Drive shaft center support U- JOINT was replaced with new one as you can see in the photos i have all the photos of the new parts .
All wiring where taped with new German cloth electric tape , Shifter bushing fresh transmission gear oil motor oil and filter , differential was redone and new seals where installed , Wheels where redone and painted and clear coated then new tires where installed,
interior is mostly original , new package tray due to the fact that the original package tray had speakers hole so i had my upholstery guy cut new board and reupholster it with new vinyl .
I tried to keep the car as original as possible on the areas that did not need to be replaced such as seats carpet etc ,,
New point distributor cap and rotor ,
New reservoir tank for windshield washer and brake fluid was installed .

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