Hybrids Recycling

Sun Jun 30 2013 15:56:16 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

It gets mighty cold in Wisconsin during the winter months and we can only guess that this awesome and odd Ford tracked truck creation was born out of some winterized bench racing. What you’e looking at is a late 1990s Ford truck cab that is lacking a bed, but has been set on some sort of custom frame and tracks. You’ll notice that rubber tires turn the tracks, so we’re guessing that the regular truck axles (front and back) are providing the umph to the wheels which in turn move the tracks. How does it steer? No clue. It does have a good and old school 7.3L Powerstroke engine so reliability shouldn’t be a problem unless the engine has been abused over the long term.

No other information is provided in the ad, so we don’t know if the truck is a stick or an auto, what the extend of the frame modifications have been, or whether or not the owner has crushed anything cool or driven this truck through places that normal 4x4s fear to tread. It looks like a dog without a tail missing the bed, but we’d get over that quick. The current price on the ad is $5,000. If we had it, we’d totally own this thing. It would be BOSS in the snow! From Bangshift:

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