Hybrids Recycling

Wed Jul 10 2013 01:56:39 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Wow, Manny. You need to get with the program bro’. Dissing hybrids is not gonna make you any friends. Not in DC. And not with your hometown homies, who know that global warming is a crock of “I can’t believe it’s not Toyota” with which to butter their bailout bread. What are they gonna say when they read this? “They cost more than most people can — or will — pay; they provide fuel efficiency benefits only for specific and limited driving conditions; and the technology isn’t going to solve America’s oil issues. Sure, they’re still somewhat trendy, and select members of Congress as well as Hollywood hypocrites regularly remind people that they drive the so-called green machines. Good for them and for the few others in America who are all hopped up on hybrids, but they are the few and the proud. And the declining.” Yeah, we know that Manny. But what if gas prices go back up? You know; if there’s a sudden disruption of oil supplies due to tensions in the Middle East or another speculative bubble? It could happen. Not in Manny’s world. And the News’ Auto Editor wants to point out– again– that consumers are friggin’ hypocrites…

“That’s not to suggest that hybrids don’t have a place in the market. They do, but it’s a niche, where it belongs. Don’t blame me for that. Blame consumers. There’s a difference in what people say they want and what they buy. And when people put their money on the table, most high-tail it away from the $3,000 or more premium for a hybrid.”

Shoulder chip much? You don’t know the half of it. So here’s the other half:

“Unfortunately, in the end, legislators and activists have been better at grandstanding and casting aspersions at those who don’t play their game, but if the car companies are smart and follow the market’s lead, they’ll keep building what people buy, not what others tell them to build.”

I think GM and Chrysler lost that option when they went bankrupt and hoovered-up $32.4b (not including GMAC) form Uncle Sugar. He who owns the gold Manny.

By Robert Farago on January 7, 2009 on

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