Known as the Squarebird, the second generation Ford Thunderbird isn’t the most sought after car and as a result can be had on the cheap. Styling aside, these Birds offered lots of features and solid performance. This 1960 Thunderbird barn find has been listed here on eBay, with a BIN of $2,250. The seller doesn’t offer much information, but it obviously needs a full restoration.

Thunderbird purist typically weren’t fans of the 1958 redesign, especially with the addition of backseats. Even without their support, T-Bird sales rocketed in ’58 and continued to climb for the next three years. This example appears to be solid, but it’s difficult to know for sure given how dirty it is. The only detail the seller provides, is that it has the 300 horsepower 352 V8.

The Interior is just as dirty as the rest of the car and has likely been infested by mice and other critters. If the sheet metal is relatively rust free and the engine isn’t seized, this could still make for a great project. If anyone lives in the Sunset, Texas area, please stop and take a look and let us know if it’s worth tackling.


Sox Martin

Tue Apr 30 2013 00:41:38 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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