Mad Max

Mon Sep 23 2013 22:35:36 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

When we saw the title to a video that suggested an International Scout II was on the autocross course we had to click it. Why? Mainly because the video was either going to show us a vehicle totally out of its element and a driver having a blast, or it was going to show us a vehicle that was built to haul the mail and blow us away. Consider us blown away because this Scout is flat out AWESOME. Reading a little more, the truck is actually just a Scout bodied creation, but that doesn’t make us love it any less.

According to the description on the video the Scout body is mounted on an S10 chassis that used to wear the cab of a 1947 Chevy truck. If we’re remembering correctly, we have shown video of that old truck getting it done on these pages before. We really dig the Scout body on the chassis even though it is just kind of window dressing. The other SCCA racers at this meet must have been loving the show that this screaming small block powered truck was putting on.

The engine is a 350 and the trans is a World Class T5 box. The truck has RideTech triple adjustable coil over shocks, swaybar PosiLinks, billet tie rods adjusting sleeves, and RideTech strong arms lower control arms anchoring the front end. As you’ll see in this video, the combo flat out WORKS!

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