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A 1964 Rene Bonnet (Matra) Djet II
Posted on November 21, 2013 by Joe MacFarland. From the eBay Stories website:
As we've seen before, great things come in small packages. If you remember our story about Olympian Clarissa Chun from this summer, her petite frame did not stop her from achieving great heights, and an Olympic medal to boot. Today’s remarkable listing did not win Olympic gold, but it could be considered the Mighty Mouse of sports cars.

This car is really quite incredible, although drivers over 6ft tall might be advised to stay away, given the tiny compartment and tight squeeze. Interestingly, René Bonnet decided to call it a Djet instead of simply Jet, because he felt the French audience would mispronounce it otherwise. This got us thinking about pronunciation, generally, and how when you are teaching an American child the difference between a hard “g” sound and a soft “g” sound, one of the best ways is with the words “get” and “budget.” The “dg” sound in budget is similar to the “dj” sound in Djet.

Djet is phonetically correct, but kind of odd looking. But there is nothing about this car that is odd at all!

The seller describes the car in quite some detail, and you may also want to take a look at the post over at the Bring a Trailer site that also talks in detail about this car. Here is what is in the description:

“This car was build at the Bonnet factory and was april 5 1964 for the first time on the road. First owner was Sir Trosch ( Probably Serge Trosch)

Chassis number 1106 and bodywork number 202 .

This car is an Djet II with ” rally ” specifications

As far as we can see it contains the original Gordini Engine.

The original color should be ” bleu cascade bande jaune” (Cascade blue with yellow striping)

This is the only example witch was painting in above mentioned colors, and just 24 Djet II cars were build !!

Engine is unique, not only Gordini but first owner (sir Trosch) had the engine tuned by G. Colombo.

This car was imported to the Netherlands in the year 1967. Meanwhile The Rene Bonnet factory was sold and this car was lisenced under “Matra Djet” So at the Dutch papers this car is a Matra Djet insted of an Rene Bonnet. Clear it is a Rene Bonnet.

Car was restored during the 1980′s and was repainted in this color. It is in the use on a new paint job, although it looks great, but will be even better in original coloring.

Technical condition: chassis treated well getectyleerd, all Electrical parts are working as they should. Engine runs perfect.

Minor is that the clutch or gearbox needs to be synchronized, gearbox shifts not properly but can be used.

Interior is clean and complete.

Car has “Graku Holland” wheels witch are rare and hard to find these days. Some spare parts for the wheels as well.

Manual (maintenance) book and lot of paperwork are with the car.”

In case you are wondering what the car looks like in action, we found this YouTube video of Djets racing around the track:

While we love the car, we do want to note this cautionary comment over on the Bring a Trailer discussion board by user Flying Dutchman:

“As cute as the car appears, I don’t think I’d be tempted to drive a tiny pocket rocket made out of fiberglass with the fuel tank in the front.
Not meant as an incendiary remark, although the car might be…”

Even so, there is a huge interest in this car, given the number of eBay watchers.

So, if you are interested, get bidding!

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