This was going to be my last restoration but age has caught up with me so I am selling this very doable project.

Firstly this car is sold with a Bill of Sale only. I had to check the clear title box to make the listing. This vehicle was originally bought by an Australian man who was going to export it. He purchased it off a Doctor in Ohio who had it stored in a barn for many years. This vehicle is in much better condition than a lot of projects I have recently seen on eBay.

Someone painted it yellow but the factory color was Glasurit blue. Your can see some of the original color in the interior shots.

The first few photographs were taken when I collected the car. It has now been disassembled ready for the bodywork. All parts, nuts and bolts have been bagged and tagged. All the glass is there and the regulator mechanisms. The engine that came with it is not the original one. I have the driveshaft and also a new cross-member and bolts. Doors will need re-skinning and I have a new complete set of interior handles. I have the catches for the rear vent windows. I do not have the seats or the rear tail-lights. I have the original vehicle body/trans/engine plate.

I have a workshop manual, two parts catalogs (XKS & SNG Barratt), factory spec sheets and also a very good restoration book which will come with the car. I also recommend www.monocoque-metalworks for the floor-wells and sheet metal you require.

I think the pictures tell the story but I do not want to misrepresent this vehicle in any way so please ask questions or call me at 979 421 3937. I can assist with loading and ship if required.

Eric Killorin

Sun Mar 09 2014 15:57:55 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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