1993 Honda Civic Coupe (EJ1) - From Hot Wheels To Hot Laps.

Most of us start at a very young age to take on a hobbyist liking to different objects, characters, and desires. We are presented something new and fresh almost constantly throughout our lives and much of the things we latch onto are temporary. With so many distractions in our busy schedules, stimulation from a multitude of sources, and influences from every angle, it's often difficult to choose a solid path. Many often move on, knowing the possibilities of failure in pursuing the completion of a project. I admit, I'm guilty. I can be impatient; it happens. While some of us have the luxury of jumping ship and moving onto the next good thing we're thrown, others commit and roll with the punches no matter what level of pain is inflicted. This Civic coupe was created in part because Ivan Rodriguez said no to the new train set. He said no to Stretch Armstrong, and he most certainly swatted away the monster truck presented to him on Christmas morning.

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Jeff Regal

Fri Nov 01 2013 12:39:45 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

As much money and tech goes into this car, a front wheel drive layout is just simply not the way to get around a track quickly.

Fri Nov 01 2013 13:53:06 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


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