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Updated: Aug 22, 2019

This marks our second annual roster of the top 24 auction vehicles slated for the coming Monterey car week. I've invited seven esteemed market insiders to join me by sharing their three "gotta have" rides, and I think the choices speak directly to the hearts and soul's of our writers and the market at large.

Check each listing for sales results

Whereas last year's piece broadly covered six auctions, this year we focus on Bonhams, Gooding and RM-Sotheby's. Then we divide the task between three auction staffers choosing from their respective firms' lots, and five independents drawing one lot per auction house.

I'd like to thank Nick Candee, Jakob Greisen, David Gooding, Gord Duff, Gordon McCall, Glenn Mounger and Bill Warner for taking the time to share their choices.

Enjoy the ride—and I look forward to viewing your comments below!

- Eric Killorin


GORDON MCCALL - Founder & CEO McCall Events and Motorworks Revival

#1 1975 Ferrari 312T - Gooding

This is one of my favorites for two reasons... first, Niki Lauda, toughest competitor in motorsports, three-time World Champion, enough said. Two, this era brought forth some of the most outrageous F1 cars ever... remember the Tyrrell P34 6-wheeler? Along with cutting edge performance engineering, safety was starting to come to the forefront, versus the afterthought approach of the 1960s. This iconic 312T that Lauda won the French GP epitomizes an amazing era of F1 racing. Auction estimate: $6,000,000 - 8,000,000 SOLD $6,000,000

#2 1935 Riley MPH - Bonhams

In a world full of well organized rallys and tours, why bring sand to the beach with your "one of many" household named marques, when a hens' tooth Riley MPH could be yours? With an OHV inline 6, triple carbs, exceptional styling rivaling its era counterparts, along with less than two dozen works cars built, this Riley MPH will appeal to those with a unique sense of style and adventure. Auction estimate: $650,000 - 750,000 UNSOLD HI BID $590,000

#3 1978 BMW 320I IMSA Turbo - RM Sotheby's

Once again going down the path of being a bit "different" in terms of popular cars, here is another prime opportunity. As you wade through the vintage racing paddocks and weave through the sea of Porsche 935's that dominated the era, how about considering one of five factory works BMW 320i IMSA Turbos? To me, this era of racing was a bit reminiscent of the unlimited Can-Am era, in that manufacturers were going all out with outrageous horsepower quests, along with radical aerodynamic body cues as well. Although known initially as the "hand grenade" (what could possibly go wrong with a 600 HP, big turbo boosted 4-cylinder motor?), further development made these cars quite capable of running at the front of the pack and winning as well. Iconic racer names associated with these beasts such as Hobbs, Busby, Stuck, etc., will forever be linked with this special era of racing. Wow... truly a bit different and unique indeed. Auction estimate: $750,000 - 950,000 SOLD $731,000


GLENN MOUNGER - Chief Honorary Judge The Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance

#1 1935 Riley MPH - Bonhams

One of the pioneers of the automobile industry, particularly in the UK, Riley built some of the most exciting cars of the prewar era. Twin-cams, hemispherical combustion chambers and inclined overhead valves made for groundbreaking performance and reliability. This Riley has a known history and benefits from several detailed improvements, including the more reliable mechanicals selected in the updated but period correct six-cylinder engine, representing the MPH series quite well. Having previously driven it some years ago, I can tell you the experience is like nothing else. The beautiful low-slung coachwork, the mechanical ‘feel” in the controls, it's like a Sopwith Camel on wheels. You literally give yourself up to the driving experience entirely. The Riley MPH delivers pure motoring joy in every respect. Auction estimate: $650,000 - 750,000 UNSOLD HI BID $590,000

#2 1953 Alfa 6C 3000 CM Superflow - Gooding

I was determined not to pick one of the most valuable cars for this article however, I just can't resist including this Alfa Superflow. I remember seeing it on the field at Pebble Beach a few years ago getting weak in the knees because of its incredible design. To me, the Alfa 6C Superflow represents a high-water mark of post war sports car design. It has just the right amount of futurism and dynamic sports car looks that captures my imagination and excites me to drive it. The low profile, the long hood, the Borrani wires and that incomparable six-cylinder engine with blaring Webers. You can see so much of future Alfa Romeos in this design. The stunning interior with the wood trimmed dash all illuminated by panoramic roof and side glass. Style, power, and unique design elements make this one my undeniable pick. Auction estimate: $6,000,000 - 8,000,000 UNSOLD $4,300,000 HI BID, CURRENTLY ON OFFER $5,500,000

#3 1955 Lancia B24S Spider America - RM Sotheby's

I thought this Lancia might be overlooked by others so I wanted to included it in my group. I’ve watched these cars at driving events for years and listen to the owners rave about how wonderful they handle and perform. Lancia built some of the most technically advanced cars nearly every decade throughout the 20th century. Amazing chassis and drivetrain engineering made for jaw-dropping prewar cars, but after the war, Lancia continued to build some astonishing sports cars. The Spider America has such grace and elegance. It’s a perfectly balanced car both visually with the Pininfarina design and revolutionary V6 engine. This example is topped with a rare Nardi intake giving the car a bit more power, but really it’s the magnificent stance and subtlety, particularly in these colors that captures my imagination. Auction estimate: $1,250,000 - 1,500,000 UNSOLD HI BID $975,000