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Steve M

Wed Oct 02 2013 21:31:31 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

During a recent hunt for something interesting on eBay, I started searching out military 6×6 2.5 ton trucks. They are super cool and often times customized in interesting ways, but you can imagine my surprise when the very first ad at the top of my page was for a 1959 Chevrolet Apache truck that has been set on top of an M135 6×6 chassis. Not on has the body swap been done, but also a big block Chevrolet install for power which is always cool, even if it is just the little bastard 366 commercial truck motor. We can fix that.

In most circumstances a ’59 Chevy Apache body on a 6×6 chassis would be enough to get your attention, but the crazy Canadians that built this one also decided that it needed to be as bright as possible. Safety first and all that. The thing looks to be in pretty good shape, although there are some signs of age where the rear fenders were spliced together to cover both rear wheels. We’re pretty sure Brian would get over that if I bought this thing for him. After all, look at the other stuff he drives.

If it was mine I would make this thing look like it was a real military truck that came this way in ’59. I’d outfit it with snorkels and winches and all that crap just to make it ultra bitchin in any terrain. Brian would probably keep the mud flaps. I worry about him sometimes.

$30,000 and counting!

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