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Seventeen years judge at the Pebble Beach Concours

Welcome to Olympian Cars!


You could say from Day One, cars have become a lifetime fixture thanks to my very first ride—as a newborn—in our family's 1950 Riley RMB. Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to own some great rides, ranging from Aston Martin, Duesenberg and Jaguar, to Chrysler, Bentley and Mercedes, to name a few.

A world-class roster of discerning clients have entrusted me with the sale of their cherished vehicles. Please take a moment to look over my vehicle selections—surely one of those lovely rides has your name on it!

In addition to brokering collector vehicles, I also bring my long years of business, publishing and technology expertise to the automotive market. In 1993, I launched Mobilia, "the collectibles magazine for car lovers." And in 1995 its companion website followed. 2013 saw the launch of Pixacar, a gearhead version of Pinterest. And this year, our Retrographs store now offers a wide range of vintage photos for decorating just about any space.


Please check out my consulting services for businesses at and a complete range of web solutions at


Whether you're building a collection for fun or profit, need seasoned guidance, or simply seeking to thin the herd, please email me to get the wheels turning!

Thanks for checking out Olympian Cars—and enjoy the ride!

Eric Killorin

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