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1967 24 Hours of Daytona.

"During the final thirty minutes of the race the three Ferrari racers paraded around the track nose to tail at a leisurely pace ignoring the stream of race cars passing them by.

As the clock wound down to the final minutes the three Ferrari cars slowed down even further then filled the asphalt track three abreast as they headed toward the checkered flag and vindication for the Prancing Horse.

The rest of the pack was forced to bunch up behind them and as the three blood-red cars crossed the finish line the drivers purposely revved their engines and the distinctive scream of 12-cylinder Ferrari engines could be heard throughout the track. Ferraris led for almost 20 hours of the 24-hour race and it was a great victory for Enzo Ferrari."

Winning line up:
+Lorenzo Bandini - Chris Amon — Ferrari P4 #23
+Mike Parkes - Ludovico Scarfiotti — Ferrari P4 #24
+Pedro Rodriguez - Jean Guichet — Ferrari P3 #26

Photo colorized by Louis Galanos. Read the rest @