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It's not too late for Valentine's Day.

Mother Trucker

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Atco Trainer 412 (1939)

"The Atco Trainer was produced by Charles H Pugh Ltd, Birmingham. Designed to give school children training in car handling and road safety.

The controls are laid out the same as in a full sized car, but there is only one forward and one reverse gear.
Powered by a single cylinder two stroke 98cc Villiers petrol engine. Top speed 10mph. The Atco Trainer was a response to the introduction of the driving test in Britain in 1935. "

More on the history of Atco:

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This car is located at the Beulieu Automart, The National Motor Museum, Beulieu

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Wed Oct 23 2013 18:13:28 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

KraZ-255B Soviet Army 6x6 heavy Truck 1/25 MMF25001 resin Minimanfactory

- Crisply casted resin parts...unbelievably easy to assemble
- Detailed Engine and Transmission
- Accurately Detailed Interior with an open door option
- Steerable front Suspension and workable Rear suspension
... it always makes contact with the ground
- Clear parts for the headlights and roof lamps
- Detailed winch
- Water slide decals for four different versions (Russian Army, NVA, Finnish Army, Russian Airfield Truck)

Box contents:
- 260 cream resin parts
- 11 clear resin parts
- Photoetched sheet
- Assembly instructions
- Water slide decals

The KrAZ-255B (6 × 6) 7,500 kg truck entered in production in 1965, with full series production commencing in 1967. The KrAZ-255B was the direct replacement of the earlier serially produced KrAZ-214 7,000 kg (6 × 6) truck. The KrAZ-255B (B1) was a later model that featured a revised braking system.The KrAZ-255B had some visual similarities with the earlier KrAZ-214 but had a more powerful engine, a V-8 four-stroke diesel developing 240 hp to replace the six-cylinder two-stroke 205 hp unit of the KrAZ-214. Other design improvements included a hydraulic steering booster replacing the pneumatic booster of the KrAZ-214, and the standard 1400 × 20 tyres of the KrAZ-214 were replaced by new wide section pressure adjustable tires with a centralised tire inflation system controlled by the driver directly from cab. In 1976 the KrAZ-255B was equipped with a new dual-circuit braking system that replaced an earlier single circuit system, and such vehicles were given the revised KrAZ-255B (B1) model designation.Many of the roles previously undertaken by the KrAZ-214 were transferred to the KrAZ-255B when it entered series production, these including carrying and laying the TMM treadway bridge; carrying and launching the PMP heavy floating pontoon bridge; carrying and launching the BMK-T bridging boat; mounting of assorted engineer/construction equipment and cranes including the USM pile driving set, the E-305 BV crane shovel, and the EDV-4421 excavator; assorted tankers including the ATsM 7-255B 7,000 litre fuel tanker towing the PTsM 8925 5,800 litre trailer.

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Tonka Mighty Dump, Prototype - Used in the 1983 catalog shoot before production

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Mixed Lot of Toy Trucks. 7 Buddy L., 1 Tonka, 1 Tootsies, 1 Gay Toys - Vintage

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