Thu Sep 19 2013 12:56:54 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Yo this is the ONLY way to camp!

The Volkner Mobil Performance is a stunning 460hp, $1.5 million (€855,000 and up) bespoke diesel pusher on a Volvo bus chassis that comes equipped with its own hydraulic drop down-slide out vehicle cargo bay. Some say it is the world's best motorhome, though Prevost & Marathon coach owners might disagree. Built by Germany’s Volkner Mobil, a highly innovative commercial vehicle manufacturer based in Wuppertal, the designers discarded the conventional US toy box design and instead opted for a cargo bay situated between the axles of this remarkable coach that debuted in 2006. The choice of stowed vehicle is dictated by the length of the motorhome which comes in both a two and three axle model - 34 feet (10.5m) long and 40 feet long (12.3m). The larger model can easily accommodate a vehicle up to 16 feet (5m) in length including; a BMW Z4, Mercedes SLK or even a Maserati Quattroporte. Sadly, the sticker price does not include the additional vehicle!

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