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Todd Lemire

Sat Sep 21 2013 02:33:02 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

We’ve all had one. A shit box. A junker. A lemon. A car that you actually hated to even look at, let alone drive. Now is the time to spill the beans on the worst car you've ever owned. Lots of BangShifters have owned a slew of cars, so just by the law of averages, there’s going to be at least one total pile among the group.

My open hatred of the 2004 Chrysler Pacifica that serves duty as my wife’s daily driver and our de facto family truckster is pretty well known by regular readers of BangShift. Seduced by the utilitarian features of the thing as we were expecting kids, we broke the cardinal rule of car buying. We bought without doing a lick of research. Had I spent a tenth of a second on Google, I would have run from the dealership like my hair was on fire. The one funny thing is that I have written so much negative crap about this car that the people at Chrysler won’t even talk to me and when I go to races or meet people they always ask, “Hey does your wife still have that Pacifica thing?” Sadly yes.

So the thing really, really sucks. It eats front end parts at a clip that would amaza Baja racers. It gets the fuel economy of a Sherman tank, it is a little slower than a city transit bus, and I have invested more time and money in keeping it roadworthy than any other daily driver I have ever owned.

It has ferried the family on a couple road trips, but it now feels that with each successive trip, I am tempting the automotive gods.

In short, this thing is a steaming pile of automotive refuse.

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