Racer Nine

Sat Sep 21 2013 02:12:36 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

It’s my favorite car show in the world… and not just because I’m one of the guys that hosts it. It’s because the Revolution has become a sort of laid back party for a small bunch of guys with some really incredible cars. It’s a real throw back and I’ve loved every single Revo we’ve ever thrown – from California to Texas. So, I was pretty down when it looked like we weren’t going to be able to throw it this year.
But then, things changed…
And here we are… Details are still a bit hazy, but we do know one thing – the 2013 Hot Rod Revolution will be held on November 23 in the small historical town of Gruene, Texas. If you’ve never been there (just south of Austin), it’s one of those little Texas towns that lost its industry and worked hard to become a sort of tourist attraction. What makes Gruene so special is that they’ve done it without losing the soul of old time Texas. It’s just a gorgeous place. And on the 23rd, it’s gonna be an epic place.
Anyway, registration is open. You can do so here:
Keep in mind that this is a traditional pre-48 hot rod show and to register, you have to send a picture of your car first. It’s not an elitist thing… or maybe it is, I dunno… It’s just that as the hosts of this deal we have a pretty specific view of how we want the show field to look.
We are still working on the details, but should have you some nice hotel deals soon as well as information about the bands and schedule of events. Stay tuned.

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