Thu Nov 14 2013 16:15:30 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

"Times Square was an appropriate starting point for an event the world media would use terms like “stupendous”, “a Gallic dream” and “beginning of the end for European supremacy” in describing the unfolding adventure. 250,000 spectators jammed in to the Square to see the competitors with their marvels of automotive technology. The world super-powers were well represented.

Italy fielded the Zust, to defend her title as world champion earned just the year before in the Peking to Paris Race. For the young Italian team it would be a grand romantic adventure.

The start was to be far more elaborate than the simple waving of a green flag we would see today. This would be the Mayor of New York City firing a gold plated pistol into the air above Times Square. Something unthinkable in today’s world…

As it turned out with a quarter of a million people crowding the Square, even with a police escort Mayor George B. McClellan could not reach the starting line. The honor of the start was then given to Colgate Hoyt, the President of the Automobile Club. At 11:15 AM he raised the gold pistol and fired the shot that began the Race Around the World!"

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