Tuner Joe

Wed Sep 11 2013 16:07:06 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Since purchasing this Ferrari 360 Challenge in 2007, it has been maintained and upgraded exclusively by Independent Ferrari Service in Easton, Massachusetts. It includes a Michelotto carbon fiber front bumper and splitter, as well as a rear wing spoiler. It also includes a correct Challenge car passenger seat and 6 point safety harness. We also replaced the complete muffler assembly with a new factory system. Both fuel cells were also replaced. It has had a complete major cam belt service along with a new clutch flywheel, throw out bearing, etc. We just replaced and recharged the fire system bottle. It has had a current compression check and leakdown test which came in right on spec. It has had the fluids sent out to a lab for analysis at every oil service and has always come back with no impurities or contamination. It comes with service records, and an extra set of wheels and tires. Reason for selling: Just purchased a 430 Challenge car. Please call me for more info. More pictures to come soon!

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