Sat Mar 30 2013 14:30:51 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Subaru has dropped the curtain on its truly attractive WRX Concept and, as previewed a few days ago, we're fast fans of the wide, low, muscular sedan. The concept car looks great, but there was a distinct lack of information being offered about the next-generation WRX that is sure to follow this concept – we're looking at a design statement only at this point.

Still, Subaru's press release does offer some more detail about both the concept and the car to come. You'll be hard pressed not to notice that the car's roof has been constructed entirely of carbon fiber, a move that designers have used to lower the center of gravity and reduce weight. Get past the gaping hood scoop and you'll also notice that that the concept car has a rather prominent power bulge sticking out of its hood, better to accommodate a "new turbocharged engine and intercooler."

In front, the massive hexagonal grill provides a strong full forward view, and the lower fascia incorporates sculpted air intakes that are said to help the engine breathe as well as providing downforce. In back, the standard-issue wing has been replaced with a subtly curved trunklid spoiler. Quad tailpipes also hint at the big power we hope will be packed into the car, when it takes production form. (No word at all on when we might expect a production-ready car.)

Clearly, the WRX Concept is styled anticipation of an all-wheel-drive vehicle, with four blistered wheel arches making that layout obvious. Huge 20-inch BBS wheels (not gold, but we like them) are wearing 245-section Dunlop tires, and look ready to grip and rip. Follow on for the full Subaru press release, once you've finished feasting your eyes on our image galleries.

Jean Girard

Mon Apr 01 2013 17:02:22 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

I have mixed feelings about the new body style. It seems to share some of the new "futuristic" look that you see in Audi's and BMW's these days, but has lost the aggressive front end from the past few generations...

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