1997 Jazz Blue Golf GTI VR6 Drivers Edition. Very Rare Car - $3800 (Meredith, NH)

Alright I'll start right off the bat with if your looking at this and you know what it is you'll know how rare these cars are lately. It's a true DE, jazz blue and relatively stock(motor wise). Only 250 of these cars were made this year in this color, very rare find.
Being the Drivers Edition it comes with the red stitched leader shifter, ebrake boot, and steering wheel as well as an extra wheel. These in themselves are rare and hard to find.

To be honest this is a fantastic find for a mechanic or someone inclined to make this car top notch or to tinker with an take the motor out of or something. The VR6 is powerful and is always responsive when you step on the gas, pushes you back in your seat.

The cars a head turner. Since having it I've had countless people want to talk about it at gas station/ rest stops and many many looks from girls and people alike when they hear the exhaust and the power behind the car. If you want something that looks great, runs great and you can tinker with a couple things on it to make it fantastic then this is the car for you. I just dont have all the time or financial time while being in school to give it what it needs. Sometimes you have to give up a gem so that someone else can enjoy all it has to offer.

Pros: Fast as all hell. Head turner, easily made into a show car.

Very well maintained (Mobil1 synthetic every 4-6k)
Motor/mechanical: New suspension in the past couple years (FK powertecs w/ adj. Height, dampening)
Also in the past 2 years:
NGK plugs
Neuspeed wires
K&N short ram cone filter
Rear pads and Rotors. Which as you know also replaces rear bearings.
Front slotted afe 10.3" Rotors. I think 10.3..
Front Mintex pads (red box)
Magnaflow 2.5" cat-back w/ resonator delete
Throttle body was replaced during hunt for sporatic idle issue(which barely exists now)
Coolant temp sensor
Aaaand probably some other things I can't think of at the moment..

Exterior: Passenger side and rear hatch were re-painted due to a keying a few years back. Overall the paint is pretty good besides the rear bumper which has one ding and a few small spots here and there. Not very much rust at all for a mk3 in new england. Little bit under the fendor from being rolled and not re-sprayed. Side skirts could be better but not terrible.
Badgeless grille
Smoked blinkers/dummy spot between blinker and fog
Red/clear tails, good look.
Front euro lip

Interior: DE interior. Red stitched wheel, e-brake boot. The leather is overall 8 out of 10. I say 8 because the driver's seat has the infamous butt spot tear. Other than that it's pretty solid. Very clean and stock interior.
Also comes with a sweet stereo system. Panasonic CD player w/ Ipod attachement wired into the glove box. Stock speakers (pretty good w/ the stock tweeters n' all. None blown that i know off).
12'' Powerbase Sub w/ MTX competition amp. This car's system is awesome and has been done up right.
The sound system kicks and all that have been in the car are impressed with how much power it can put out. When I got the car I took out the glove compartment and ran the ipod hook up into the interior the correct way so that the glove compartment actually closes.

Mild paint blemishes but nothing that's too much of an eye sore.
Slight coolant leak, I have the hoses to replace the leak and it will come with/ be done (we're talking drips here and there)
CEL pops on evry now and then. Its an 02 sensor, since it says it's running a bit lean.
Doesn't hold up the car one bit.
The cars locks need to be looked at, the alarm can be engaged but the locks are iffy at times, just needs the vacuum checked most likely.

Car comes with an extra steering wheel, control arms w/ r32 audi TT bushings for them (These are the gem, perfect ride when installed, just no time). Also comes with smoked headlights, the stock taillights, car cleaning things and spare parts here and there.

I know what I have, I know its rarity and its value. Please dont waste my time with lowball offers and dumb ideas. Ill entertain working on the price for the car to go to a good owner that will treat the car right. I'm only asking a little less than I paid for it a couple months back. Contact me at 6037072690. Looking for a quick sale so I can take care of my medical bills and getting back to school this fall.

This car has been great to me and I'm pretty much just entertaining offers here. Low-ball if you want but you'll just be ignored. As I said before, this would make for a great project car as it's stock (motor wise).


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