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If you clicked on this headline, my guess is you're a diehard Alvis aficionado or hit the mouse by mistake!

Truth is, Alvis is a largely unknown name in the States even among seasoned collectors. The marque lives in that grey area among the finest built and styled automobiles the industry has produced yet no one seems to know much about. Loads of beautifully crafted aluminum castings, fully synchro gearbox, independent front suspension and a low slung chassis all add up to one impressive ride. Period coachbuilders bestowed some of their finest designs on the Alvis Speed models of which its final iteration—the 4.3 litre—enjoyed a remarkable catalog of stunning carriages. But unless your address has a UK postal code, it's likely the Alvis mystic has eluded you.

Today, I'm happy to report that one of the most desirable of all Alvis cars has recently come to light after a 40-year slumber. It is a diamond-in the-rough 1937 Alvis 4.3 litre Offord & Sons drophead coupe, chassis #14316. Just ten Offord drophead coupes were constructed and just seven survive and no two are the same.

And here she is in this incredible video during the 1970 Alvis Golden Jubilee Tour!

The owner's father acquired the vehicle in 1969 with full intentions of embarking on a full restoration until fate intervened some years ago. Today, the son is seeking a new home for the cherished Alvis. She'll need a full restoration but she's pretty much all there including extensive documentation from new.

Serious buyer inquiries are invited to contact me here.

I would like to thank Alvis historian Wayne Brooks for contributing to this article.

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